Educational background

Computer Science Engineering MSc with honours

Software, system engineering & architecture, IS auditing, numeric contents management, project management

Telecommunications & Network Professional Bachelor's Degree, Web Developer concentration with honours

Web development, Zend Framework, Java, IT

Communication, Network and Services Associate's Degree

Multimedia creation, art, languages, communication, development, IT

Science and Technology Laboratory Baccalauréat

Biochemistry, biological engineering option


ProfilSoft in Lille, France
PHP R&D engineer, since Oct.
Oh My Green! in New York City, USA
PHP engineer and CI/QA/TDD supervisor intern, 9 mo
Git, Jenkins, Silex, Facebook API, Magento Enterprise, idea catalyst
Gin Lane in New York City, USA
PHP and Ruby on Rails intern developer, 9 wk
Database syncing, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB
Clever Age in Lyon, France
Drupal consultant/developer, 8 wk
Drupal intern developer, 10 wk
Drupal, multi-domain, SASS, team work
Internet-Selection in Lyon, France
Telecommuting PHP developer, 2 mo
Web application auditing, SEO tool development, TDD, PHPUnit, Zend components, automomy
SQLI Group in Lyon, France
Intern developer, 5 mo
Adobe Flex, PHP, Zend_Amf R&D, Zend Framework, Centura, ergonomy
Be-Zend in St-Quentin, France
Project manager and speaker, 6 mo
Project management, external relation, Website development, graphic identity creation, PHP, Zend Framework, Dojo toolkit
Normaweb in Les Adrets, France
Lead PHP developer, 7 wk
Technological watch, database design, data transfers responsible, PHP, MooTools
CKC-Net in Sophia-Antipolis, France
Intern Web developer, 11 wk
Project management, community website development, integration testing, recette, PHP, jQuery
CCAZUR FRANCE in Cogolin, France
Web developer, 4 wk
Major development, database design, algorithmics, Web integration, integration tests, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Intern communication analist, 10 wk

Various experience in: photography, modeling/acting, sound recordist & supermarket unpacker.
Professionally active since I was 17 years old.

Technologies playground

Front-end developement (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript + FW, performance & asset caching)
Back-end developement (PHP5.3+, Silex, Zend Framework, Symfony, MySQL, SQLite, Doctrine)
Application programing (Java, AppleScript, Ruby, C, Python)
Best practices & standards worshipper (TDD, CI, W3C, Coding Styles, DRY, KISS, LIPS, NTUI)
Team player (Agile methods, Git, SVN, LaTeX)
System engineering
CI server & deployment scripts (Jenkins, bash)
Web server configuration & maintenance (*AMP)
Networking (SSH, FTP, DNS, DHCP, TFTP)
Architecture (RAID, virtualization, load-balancing, clustering)
Operating systems (OSX, Debian-like, Fedora, Windows)

Additional information

Sports: volleyball, snowboard, mountain bike

Hobbies: photography, music festivals, travels, geek stuff

Vehicles: driver licence owner, bike rider


  • French: native
  • English: fluent
  • Italian: basics